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Eternal President, Eternal Leader (Rodong Sinmun, 8. July 2014)

20 years have passed since President Kim Il Sung passed away.

In those years our people missed him very much, and so did the progressives of the world. He was indeed a man born of Heaven, his image is kept dearly in all hearts of mankind, and his great idea and great cause continue to prove their validity and invincibility.

Kim Il Sung was the outstanding leader of revolution, peerless patriot and great sage of mankind, whom Korean history had hailed for the first time. As he came to lead Korea, radical changes were wrought; our people who had suffered so much started carving out their own destinies by themselves and our country which had long suffered an eclipse in the world map began to grow in dignity and honor to the admiration of the world.

His life was a life of most illustrious seasoned statesman of the 20th century, a life of indomitable revolutionary and of great man.

True records of his revolutionary leadership shine with great victories and exploits; he led our people in two wars against imperialist forces, and in most acute social revolutions, overcoming all obstacles and trials in early years of the Korean revolution.

Kim Il Sung now lives with his immortal revolutionary idea.

He founded the great immortal Juche idea that represents the future of mankind. Revolutionary practice has convinced our army men and people that this idea will always lead to victory and glory.

Kim Il Sung lives in his immortal achievements. He founded our Party, the state and the army, and excellent, man-centric socialist system of Korean type. He bequeathed us the Songun revolutionary traditions, revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu, monolithic unity of the people and the independent national economy.

He lives in the unbreakable blood ties with our people.

Under his leadership, our people opened up a new chapter of history, where people are valued and given all priorities. Our people live happily like a big harmonious family. They owe this happiness to his kindness to people and his noble moral virtues and his passionate love for revolutionary comrades.

The work for immortalizing the leader pioneered by General Kim Jong Il is being carried forward successfully by the respected
Marshal Kim Jong Un. His infinite loyalty and lofty moral obligation to the foregoing leaders are invariable. Thanks to his wise leadership, Korean revolution is making triumphal advance along the road blazed by our great generalissimos.

Our Party, the Army and people will remain true to the behests of the great Kim Il Sung, the Sun of Juche and eternal leader of the Korean revolution and make his lofty revolutionary life and exploits shine down through all our generations.

Rodong Sinmun, 9. Juli 2014

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