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Meari Shooting Gallery

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The Meari Shooting Gallery situated in Chongchun Street, Pyongyang, has several shooting ranges, archery grounds, electronic recreation hall, outdoor playground, restaurant and other sports and service facilities.

The indoor shooting gallery has a 50-m range for rifle shooting and 25-m range for pistol shooting with 8 platforms respectively.

Each platform has a scoreboard, and each range the seats and a general scoreboard so that visitors can see others shooting and their results.

In the outdoor shooting range there are 12 platforms, five for 25-m pistol shooting and another five for 50-m rifle shooting. The other two, platform 11 and platform 12 are for shooting moving pheasants and chicken in the distance of 50 metres.

If they want to learn shooting in advance the visitors can acquire all technical requisites like shooting position, holding weapons, breathing and firing at the education room.

The indoor 30-m archery ground on the first floor resembles a forest in natural beauty.

Ray-gun and electron-gun ranges are popular among the children and young people as they produce a lifelike effect of shooting as suited to the latter’s psychological features.

Dozens of amusement facilities are installed in the electronic recreation hall.

Every place in the gallery including a restaurant, shop and resting places, is designed to provide visitors with maximum convenience so that visitors can enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.

Those interested in the Meari Shooting Gallery can contact to the Korea Roksan General Trading Corporation.

Add: Pothonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel: 850-2-18111-3818321
Fax: 850-2-3814410

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