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Guard against Western-Style "Democracy"

The imperialist efforts to indoctrinate people in Western-style democracy have become more aggressive recently. The storm of "color revolution" that had once blown over the East European countries now sweeps over North Africa and Middle East. "Arab Spring", a new version of "color revolution", now causes big political chaos and disorder. In some countries internal conflicts continue in the New Year, too.

Today media persons on the pay-roll of the imperialists preach, the Western-style freedom and democracy are perfect and universally accepted one; a pattern the world community must learn from. They try to lure people but no one must fall prey to it.

Above all, one must learn to see through the true nature of the freedom and democracy of the Western style. In a word, it is a sham democracy and sham freedom. They are but a fig-leaf to cover up the reactionary nature of bourgeois dictatorship and anti-popular character of the capitalist system.

Much vaunted democracy of American pattern is no more than a slogan for world supremacy, aggression and intervention. And their so-called freedom gives a handful of the privileged a free hand to squeeze and lord it over the majority of the popular masses.

The vicious scheme of the imperialists for internal disturbances by instigating anti-government forces must be curbed.

We must always be highly conscious of the imperialist demagogy and foil its attempt for interference.

All nations value independence, and they will never allow the imperialists to have everything in its own way.

Ri Hyon Do

Rodong Sinmun, 15. Jan. 2014

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