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Korean Future Viewed From the Perspective of the Year 2013

Last year the US and other sinister forces intensified their aggressive and oppressive moves against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as never before. Despite the obstructive attempts, the Korean people achieved unprecedented successes in their socialist construction. Over the days they harboured deeper confidence in Marshal Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK, and got firmer conviction of the bright future of their country.

Through a Daring Offensive

The anti-DPRK stifling campaign of the US and its vassal nations that had begun with the DPRK’s launch of a satellite for a peaceful purpose in December 2012 got further frantic with the beginning of the year 2013. Labeling the satellite launch as a “launch of a long-range missile” and a “savage violation of the UN resolution,” the hostile forces instigated the UN Security Council to make up another preposterous resolution on sanctions against the DPRK in January 2013 while conducting in south Korea a number of joint military rehearsals against the DPRK in succession, including those code-named Key Resolve and Foal Eagle. These drills involved notorious means of nuclear warfare such as B-52 strategic bombers. The Korean peninsula fell into a touch-and-go situation where a nuclear war might break at any moment.

Coping with the situation Kim Jong Un called a number of meetings and conferences like the enlarged meeting of the WPK Central Military Commission, the March 2013 plenary meeting of the WPK Central Committee, and the fourth conference of the Korean People’s Army company commanders and political instructors, and indicated tasks and ways to implement them in order to strengthen the army and safeguard the nation’s security and sovereignty. Meanwhile, he inspected KPA units and prepared the service personnel for practical warfare by teaching them how to work out operational and tactical plans and supervising their drills. It was his adamant determination to handle the hostile forces’ hard-line policy with a harder-line policy and answer their aggression war with a great war of national reunification. As part of his resolute actions, he inspected the Jangjaedo Defence Unit and the Hero Mudo Defence Unit—which are located in the hottest area—in March last year when he ordered them to deal an immediate and annihilating blow to the enemy if they fired even a single shell to the land or water area in which the DPRK’s sovereignty is exercised. Thanks to his energetic Songun-based leadership the DPRK’s defence capabilities were augmented considerably and the Korean people could hasten the socialist construction successfully last year despite the touch-and-go situation.

By Building on the People’s Exertions

Amazing upsurges erupted last year in all fields and at all units of the national economy, boosting the production as a whole in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the victorious Fatherland Liberation War and the 65th founding anniversary of the DPRK. In particular, a dynamic drive to create the Masikryong Speed swept the whole country, bringing about wonderful things nationwide. The Chollima Steel Complex successfully introduced the high-temperature air combustion technology based on the gas from anthracite which is abundant in the country, and thus it is now able to produce far more rolled steel than before. The Ryongsong Machine Complex successfully carried out an application test of large-capacity geothermal facilities it had developed and thus created a material and technical guarantee for the harnessing of geothermal water. The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex erected a plant in a short span of time which can produce 60 million square metres of functional three-fold PVC film for greenhouse covering on a yearly basis. The Pyongyang Condiment Factory appeared as a good model of unmanned plant fed with domestic materials. A vitamin C plant went up newly.

Kim Jong Un’s energetic guidance was the source of the courage with which the entire nation wrought miracles and made innovations despite the ever-worsening danger of war. In order to arouse the Korean people to the effort to make upsurge in production Kim Jong Un uninterruptedly visited factories and enterprises around the country in different fields of the national economy, including the Ryongsong Machine Complex, the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Kosan Fruit Farm, the Ryongyon Offshore Fish Farm and the Pyongyang Condiment Factory. Last year was the one of his field guidance; the units he visited in May and June alone number over 60, even when counted according to official announcements. Looking round factories and enterprises, he gave detailed advices to technicians and managers concerning modernization of production processes and looked after the workers’ living conditions in a profound manner, helping them spread their wing of great innovations. He initiated the campaign of creating the Masikryong Speed which spread across the country quickly. One day in May last year he, visiting the Masikryong Ski Resort under construction, saw ski runs of more than 100 000 metres long in total that had been laid by soldier builders with an indomitable spirit in less than one year since the beginning of the construction. The next month he issued an appeal to all the working people around the country to make great innovations and upsurges on all fronts of socialist construction by learning after the soldier builders. With this as momentum the drive to emulate the Masikryong Speed spread nationwide exerting an immeasurable vitality. The year 2013 was the one of clear manifestation of Kim Jong Un’s method of leading the masses.

Highest Tempo and Best Quality

The DPRK that is aspiring after the building of a civilized socialist country erected a good many edifices last year which could be symbolic of the efflorescence of the socialist civilization in the 21st century. All those monumental structures are associated with Kim Jong Un’s careful guidance and energetic leadership. For instance, the Munsu Water Park, which went up in no more than nine months occupying an area of 109 000 square metres, was completed under his guidance given to all the stages of the construction ranging from designating the site and forming the building forces to ensuring the quality and tempo of the construction. Sometimes he visited the construction site in the depth of night, and sometimes in early morning, to give concrete instructions regarding details of the construction project. Plans of formation of the water park completed with his advices number as many as 113.

His idea is that things for the sake of the people should be done at the highest speed and on the highest level of quality, and his intention is to help the Korean people lead the most civilized cultural life in the world. His idea and intention developed into reality: the Ryugyong Dental Hospital, Okryu Children’s Hospital, Mirim Riding Club, Unha Scientists Street and apartment houses for the teaching staff of Kim Il Sung University were built—nicely enough to meet the world standard—in a short span of time while the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium was admirably refurbished.

The enthusiasm for sporting activity grew fiercer nationwide under Kim Jong Un’s deep concern. He went to see the 2013 Asian Cup & Inter-club Junior and Senior Weightlifting Championships, the men’s football finals of the Mangyongdae Prize Games and many other sports events, and made sure that a sportspersons' apartment was built on the highest level for the winners of important world games.

A heyday is being ushered in in all the cultural sectors including science, education, public health and the arts.

For the Korean people, the year 2013 was a significant one when they overcame rigorous ordeals courageously and successfully and gained the conviction that they would surely win the final victory.

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Fotos (von oben nach unten):
A parade of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Pyongyang Mass Demonstration held in celebration of the 65th founding anniversary of the DPRK in September 2013.
Grinding workshop of Concentration Plant No. 3 of the Komdok Mining Complex.
Refined oil packing line at the Pyongyang Condiment Factory.
Munsu Water Park inaugurated in October 2013.

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