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Spirit of Mt Paektu

Nachrichten, Kommentare und Dokumente aus der Zeitung Rodong Sinmun in offizieller englischer Übersetzung.
Thema: Spirit of Mt Paektu
Feb. 13, Juche 109 (2020)  Thursday


Let Us Overcome All Deadlocks and Achieve a New Victory in the Spirit of Mt Paektu

Lecturers of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu called upon all the working people to open up the road of advance toward victory by launching a dynamic offensive for making a breakthrough head-on in the spirit of Mt Paektu.

The current offensive for making a head-on breakthrough is an acute confrontation with the hostile forces to stamp out the sovereignty and the rights of our state to existence and development.

As they have the spirit of Mt Paektu, our people are sure to frustrate the hostile forces’ ever-unprecedented scheme to stifle our country with the flame of a great leap forward and open a new era of self-reliance and self-prosperity.

Everyone should become a true patriot who firmly defends his own workshop and post and builds up his own strength and who is self-reliant and self-supporting with the general mobilization of internal reserves and potentials.

The Party and working people’s organizations should wage a vigorous ideological offensive to make the whole country pulsate with the spirit of Mt Paektu.

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