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Thema: Sozialismus
Apr. 18, Juche 109 (2020)  Saturday

Importance of Establishing the Socialist Way of Life

To establish the socialist way of life and culture more thoroughly in the whole society is an urgent issue arising in today’s offensive for making a head-on breakthrough to open up a new avenue of advance by strengthening our own force, the internal motive force in every way.

The socialist way of life is the unique mode of activity and lifestyle of the people living in the socialist society.

Only when the socialist way of life is thoroughly established can it be possible to preserve the Juche character and national identity in the field of cultural life and preserve the nature of Korean-style socialism and give full play to its advantages.

It is a crucial work for defending and glorifying our ideology and system and an important work for preparing all members of society to be more developed and civilized social beings.

It is a work for the good of popular masses themselves and a work to be carried out by them.

Only when everyone takes an active part in establishing the lifestyle with the consciousness that they are its masters can the noble and beautiful socialist way of life prevail throughout society and can it become a firm climate of our society and a national custom peculiar to Juche Korea.

Hong Jin Hyok
May 26, Juche 109 (2020)  Tuesday

Importance of Work of Consolidating Ideological and Cultural Position as Firm as a Rock

The victorious advance of socialism is ensured by the solidity of ideological and cultural position.

To solidify the ideological and cultural position is an important undertaking that must not be overlooked even a moment in the whole course of socialist construction.

It is an important requirement for bringing earlier the victory of the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough.

It is also urgently needed for defending and enriching our national character.

At present, education of young people is an important problem in further solidifying the ideological and cultural position of socialism.

All the Party members, working people and young people should fully demonstrate the advantages and might of our-style socialism by steadfastly safeguarding the ideological and cultural position.

So Song Bom
May 8, Juche 109 (2020)  Friday

People and Reality Are Excellent Teachers

The construction of a powerful socialist country is an all-people struggle which is pushed forward and completed by everyone’s patriotic enthusiasm and united might.

In order to flare up fierce flames of the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough and open a broad avenue to socialist victory, all the officials should go deep into the vibrant reality and give full scope to the revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ingenuity of the popular masses.

The popular masses are the most resourceful beings.

It is the working principle and way of activity of the Party to go deep into the popular masses and reality.

It is also the duty and obligation of the officials.

For officials to go among the masses precisely means for the former to open the door to the latter’s hearts.

Today’s frontal offensive demands that an active and intensive onslaught be waged on all the fronts of building a powerful socialist country.

As there are many shortages and hardships, the present situation requires us to believe in our people alone and find ways for overcoming difficulties in reality where the Party policy is being carried out.

Our people, engaged in the grand self-reliant onward march true to the Party’s idea for a frontal offensive, are possessed of extraordinary ideological preparedness and high enthusiasm. Whether we realize the ambition and ideal to build a socialist power or not hinges upon how the officials further raise the masses’ spirit.

All the officials should inquire deep into the reality and enlist the wisdom and creative ingenuity of the masses to the full so as to discharge their responsibilities and mission in today’s frontal offensive.

Kim Chol Ryong
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