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Nachrichten, Kommentare und Dokumente aus der Zeitung Rodong Sinmun in offizieller englischer Übersetzung.
Thema: Revolution
Apr. 12, Juche 109 (2020)  Sunday


Let Us Fully Display Dignity and Might of Juche Korea Firmly United around Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Our revolution is an invincible cause which is ever victorious as it has held the great leaders in high esteem generation after generation.

To markedly raise the militant function and role of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state is our important task at a time when the work of carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche has entered a historic period of change.

That Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un perfectly settled pressing issues arising in the building of the Party and the state without any slightest deviation or turns and twists is an extraordinary exploit he has performed for the times and revolution.

He regularized the whole affairs of the Party and the state and consolidated their foundations more firmly in accordance with the demand of developing revolution. This is an immortal exploit that will shine forever in the revolutionary history of Juche.

He made the devoted service to people the revolutionary climate of the Party and the national social practices in order to fully display the invincibility and might of socialism of our style, thus performing the undying feats that will go down in the history of the country.

That he provided a firm guarantee for the security and happiness of the state and people and the prosperity of all generations is the exploit that is noteworthy in the history of the nation.

We should more vigorously hasten the building of a powerful socialist country full of conviction of sure victory and optimism, keeping deep in mind the pride and self-confidence in holding the Supreme Leader in high esteem at the head of our revolution.
Feb. 13, Juche 109 (2020)  Thursday


Let Us Overcome All Deadlocks and Achieve a New Victory in the Spirit of Mt Paektu

Lecturers of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu called upon all the working people to open up the road of advance toward victory by launching a dynamic offensive for making a breakthrough head-on in the spirit of Mt Paektu.

The current offensive for making a head-on breakthrough is an acute confrontation with the hostile forces to stamp out the sovereignty and the rights of our state to existence and development.

As they have the spirit of Mt Paektu, our people are sure to frustrate the hostile forces’ ever-unprecedented scheme to stifle our country with the flame of a great leap forward and open a new era of self-reliance and self-prosperity.

Everyone should become a true patriot who firmly defends his own workshop and post and builds up his own strength and who is self-reliant and self-supporting with the general mobilization of internal reserves and potentials.

The Party and working people’s organizations should wage a vigorous ideological offensive to make the whole country pulsate with the spirit of Mt Paektu.
Jan. 7, Juche 109 (2020)  Tuesday

To Further Strengthen Our Own Internal Might Is the Requirement of Present Situation and Developing Revolution

To strengthen in every way our own force is an important demand to be constantly held fast to in the socialist construction.

A decisive factor of the victory of the revolution lies in how to strengthen the revolutionary force and raise its role, not in objective conditions.

When our own force is strong, it is possible to carry out any difficult and vast historic tasks and firmly defend and further develop our own style socialism. This is a historic review of our protracted revolution.

In general, the future of our revolution is optimistic but grave subjective and objective obstacles and difficulties exist in actual fact.

To further strengthen our own force, first of all, is an urgent demand of the present situation in which a protracted confrontation with the U.S. has become a fait accompli.

It is also related to a series of faults and deviations existing in our work.

Today our revolution has come to a historic turning point for hastening a new victory in building a powerful socialist country.

When all officials inquire into the portions their sectors and units contributed to building a powerful socialist country under the present situation, have a readiness to shoulder the heavy tasks and accomplish them without despair and vacillation, our political and ideological might and the power of our self-supporting economy would grow stronger as never before and the advantages of our system be fully displayed.

Hong Jin Hyok
Dec. 24, Juche 108 (2019)  Tuesday

“For the Rising Generations”, Here Is Purpose of Revolution

It is an immutable truth taught by the Korean revolution that the revolution is, in essence, love for and devotion to the rising generations and the victory of socialism depends on the struggle for their wellbeing.

The Korean people knew that the road of self-prosperity is difficult to follow, but they have chosen it without hesitation and courageously withered all difficulties in order to provide the rising generations with firm foundation for their independent life and eternal prosperity.

The road of socialism is the course of fierce class struggle and enemies get more frantic in their moves with the advance of the revolution.

If the supreme interests of the country and nation are abandoned in the face of the raging adverse wind and difficulties, nothing would have remained for the rising generations, except noose of subordination and collapse of state.

For over 7 decades, the DPRK has undergone severe trials which others would not withstand even a month, but advanced like the wind thanks to the preceding generations of the revolution that laid firm foundation for self-prosperity while tightening their belts for the present generation.

The genuine love of the revolutionaries for coming generations is to train them as revolutionary talents prepared in terms of mentality, morality, technology, culture and physical body.

It is the intention of the Party that we should do everything possible for the rising generations to remain perfect even in the future.

The revolutionary people working for bringing earlier the excellent future with warm love for the rising generations have nothing impossible.

Yu Chol
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