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May 27, Juche 109 (2020)  Wednesday

Important Issue Arising in Youth Education

To educate the younger generation in a revolutionary way is an undertaking of great importance directly linked to the victorious advance of Juche revolution. The destiny of the Party and revolution, the country and nation bears upon how the young people, heroes of the future, are trained.

To intensify education of young people is more urgently needed at present when the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough is underway.

The degree of enthusiasm of this education means the vigor of the frontal offensive.

What is important in this education is, first of all, to thoroughly equip young people with the greatness of our Party in order that they would only follow the road indicated by the Party.

It is also important to make the young people fight staunchly with firm faith in socialism.

It is imperative to implant the young people with the spirit of self-reliance and self-development to the marrow.

All the Party organizations, working people’s organizations, officials and Party members should incessantly intensify education of young people, fully aware of the intention of the Party that gives priority to this education, thereby letting the young people fulfill their duties and role in today’s frontal offensive for making a breakthrough.

Kim Yong Il

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