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Führer Kim Jong Un

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Thema: Kim Jong Un
Jan. 7, Juche 109 (2020)  Tuesday

High Honor of Our Nation in Upholding Peerlessly Great Man in High Esteem

The proud reality of Juche Korea tells an iron truth that only when a country is led by a peerlessly great man can it get strong enough to firmly defend the nations’ sovereignty and dignity.

The indefatigable journey of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who is always on the road of revolutionary leadership with his iron will and untiring efforts, is a heroic, epical course covered only by the peerlessly great man with a sense of noble obligation for the destiny of the country and the future of the nation.

The epoch-making changes brought about on our land are a noble outcome of the untiring efforts and devotion of Kim Jong Un, who possesses absolute loyalty to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and has led our revolution without the slightest concession, hesitation and deflection.

The recent miraculous events, which brought about dramatic turns in boosting the dignity, position and national power of Juche Korea, eloquently prove how great the Supreme Leader is and how outstanding and seasoned his leadership is.

The world admires his far-sighted acumen, correct analysis and judgment, resolute decision and bold practices, offensive spirit of breaking through head-on difficulties, matchless pluck and gut of always taking the initiative for victory, and brilliant well-timed tactics of turning adversity into favorable condition.

As long as the peerlessly great man Kim Jong Un leads Juche Korea, its future will be bright forever and the DPRK will tower as a powerful socialist state to be admired by the world.

Ho Yong Min

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